Compile's Service

Client Terms of Business

The introduction by Compile Consulting to the Client, of any applicant, shall be deemed acceptance  of the
terms & conditions of business of Compile Consulting. No variation or alteration of these terms &
conditions shall be valid unless approved in writing by a Director of Compile Consulting. 
If, within 6 months following such introduction, the Client or any associated firm or referred third
party engages an applicant deemed suitable by the Client for employment in any capacity designated
by the Client then the introduction fee becomes payable. 

The introduction fee becomes due at the commencement of the applicant employment and is
payable within 15 days of invoice date. Value Added Tax will be added at the prevailing rate. 
The introduction fee is based on a percentage of the annual starting salary and includes all
guaranteed income, commission, bonuses, shift allowances etc. 

 For standard recruitment activities, including file search, interviewing, screening, short listing etc., the
 fee payable is a percentage of the total guaranteed annual income:- 

 Up to £40,000                    15%
 Over £40,000                     20%

Whilst Compile Consulting will use its best endeavours to give satisfaction to the Client by trying to
establish the suitability of the applicant's skills, integrity and reliability, the Client shall be totally
responsible for taking up references and all necessary steps to satisfy itself of the applicant's

No liability whatsoever is accepted by Compile Consulting for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising
from the introduction &/or the employment of any applicant howsoever caused. 

Compile Consulting will undertake all or part of a Client's advertising requirements, including space
booking, artwork etc. Costs will be negotiated according to requirements but shall be payable
immediately on receipt of the invoice by the Client. In the event that planned advertising is cancelled
by the Client, costs already incurred shall be payable by the Client. All advertisements placed by
Compile Consulting are subject to the standard conditions of acceptance by the Publishers. 

Should the applicant, having taken up employment, leave within 4 weeks, Compile Consulting will use its
best endeavours to source a replacement but, if unsuccessful, will reimburse 70% of its fee to the
Client provided the fees are paid in accordance with paragraph 2 above. Should the applicant leave
after 4 weeks, but within 12 weeks, Compile Consulting will use its best endeavours to source replacement
but, if unsuccessful, no rebate will be payable

Compile Consulting have worked with a wide range of organisations to select and recruit competent professionals to work with SME and large organisations.

Jonathan Pile has worked in the Recruitment & HR Industry since 1987 and has placed sourced and placed candidates successfully in the UK, US, Australia and Middle East.

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