New Health & Safety Sentencing Guideline ramp up fines

Posted by Jonathan Pile on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Under: Health and Safety

In February 2016 – New Court Sentencing Guidelines for HASWA (& Food Safety & CM) increased fines based on turnover ie

  1. Micro-organisations (t/o less than £2m) Fines £50 to £450k

  2. Small Organisations (t/o £2m-10m) Fines £100 to £1.6m

  3. Medium Organisations (t/o £10-50m) Fines £1,000 to £4m

  4. Large Organisations (t/o £50m+) Fines £3,000 to £10m

    1. So in an example of a workplace with an unprotected ledge at height. If an inspector noticing it before harm might have been £10-20k fine, if someone had fallen & broken their ankle it might be a £20-30k fine, if someone had fallen and been paralysed it might be a £300k fine. In new rules a fine for a large company for the first scenario might now be a £3m fine: source IOSH Mag Sept 16)

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