Is a Training Investment Gap holding back your business growth?

Posted by Jonathan Pile on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UK Research and Training Consultancy Compile Consulting is highlighting one of the contributory factors holding back economic recovery in the UK Economy. 
 An analysis of UK companies training investment expenditure shows that organisations have been putting off key Learning and Developmental investment and cutting training budgets since 2007.  Year on year cuts of 30% and upwards have led to the emergence of a training skills gap which is damaging the UK economy and preventing companies being able to take advantage of global business trends through a lack of investment.  
Some companies are also increasing the risk of regulatory and safety failures by cutting mandatory safety programmes. Indeed concerns about insufficent workplace safety training have been at the core of a number of increasing workplace disputes such as the ongoing unresolved dispute which threatened UK vehicle fuel supplies. Organisations in the UK have a legal responsibility to ensure all employees receive appropriate annual safety refresher  For more information email  Jonathan Pile on