Compile Agreement with Northern Counties Insurance

Posted by Jonathan Pile on Friday, October 26, 2012

From November 2012, Compile Consulting clients will be able to unlock savings from their business insurance and personal insurance from Northern Counties Insurance because of the investment they have made in safety training and safety management systems. Compile clients will save a minimum of 10% off insurance costs by quoting their Compile Client Reference Number. Greater savings may be unlocked by working with their dedicated NCI account manager to see if their Safety Risk Profile has benefited from safety training and risk management systems. The HSE gives examples of insurance premium savings achieved by UNIQ of £80,000 by a safety managment initiative which included training 280 managers in IOSH Managing Safely. We believe that such savings demonstrate an immediate ROI for safety training.
An example of a reduction of up to 60% over 4 years is provided as an example of return on investment.