Changing Legal Status Highlights the Need for Academy Safety

Posted by Jonathan Pile on Friday, September 11, 2015 Under: Health and Safety

With the advent of 3,000  Academy schools and Free Schools in England, Head Teachers and Governors have given priority to the understanding the Local Authority no longer has responsibility for Health and Safety on School Sites and that responsibility lies with the Academy. It is essential that Leaders and Facility Managers have a good understanding of Health & Safety Legislation and a source of competent advice. Compile Consulting has helped a large number of Academies in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire to ensure Safety Compliance. We would recommend that Caretakers, Facilities Managers and Senior Teaching Staff attend a 4 day IOSH Managing Safely Certificate. More Junior Staff with Safety roles should look at the 1 day IOSH Working Safely Certificate. For more information please talk to Jonathan Pile 01924 666277

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