A Safe Christmas and a Prosperous 2015

Posted by Jonathan Pile on Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Compile Consulting in association with partner training providers Dangerous Training and Wakefield Safety Training wishes all our 2014 delegates, clients and suppliers a Safe Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.

Top Christmas Safety Issues
  • Children's Dress-up Costumes are extremely flammable - Keep away from candles, matches, cigarettes and fires.
  • Real Christmas Trees are extremely flammable - use LED battery powered lights instead of mains and switch off.
  • Drive Safe at Christmas - Don't Drink and Drive and avoid icy roads.
  • Grit your paths on time and regularly to avoid icy slips and trips.
  • Food Safety at Christmas - take care to avoid food poisoning by hand washing and handling and cooking raw meat
  • Have a Happy and Safe Christmas

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