Health and Safety Consulting 

 UK Companies regardless of size have a legal requirement under Health & Safety legislation to do the following:

  1. Ensure that their activities do not place their employees, customers, suppliers, contractors or members of the public under risk of injury or harm.
  2. Have a duty of care to employees.
  3. Carry out risk assessment - which means identifying hazards, those affected, judging the severity of harm, likelihood of injury and taking steps to reduce the risk to a practical minimum
  4. Display an HSE Health & Safety Poster in the workplace
  5. Appoint a competent person to advise on safety
  6. Have a written policy, statement and written arrangements (note some micro businesses are exempt)
  7. Have employees trained in relevant skills and awareness - eg First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Evacuation, Forklift driving, working safely at heights. 
  8. Report accidents resulting in injury to the authorities
  9. Monitor noise, temperature and air quality in the workplace
  10. Be aware of and take action to protect against asbestos

Compile Consulting can help you to comply with these requirements by a combination of training your existing responsible persons, recruiting a qualified health and safety manager for your organisation. We can provide a local competent health and safety consultant to assist either on a day or hourly rate for such events such as :

  • Accident Investigation
  • Writing of Health & Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Method Statements
  • Tender assistance/PQQ
  • CHAS Certification Assistance
  • CDM Work
  • Named Competent Person

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